Family Emergency Assistance is a unique program that provides assistance, on a short-term basis, to families in need. The program provides assistance with rent or utilities, and food bags. A financial plan and positive outcomes are expected when participating in this program. Case management and participant follow up is the key to success.

Often considered “A Homeless Prevention Program”, it empowers participants to overcome short-term lapses in finance. Required documentation and a brief interview need to be completed prior to receiving funds.

Helping to prevent homelessness in the Rio Grande Valley.

The rental assistance and the utility assistance program are short term in nature but actually go a long way in assisting families get back on track. By working closely with our case manager, participants will keep track of job search activities and their household expenses.

A good financial plan and better choices will avoid this situation from happening in the future. So, strong participation and involvement are important. We hope that at the end of the program, participants walk away in good financial standing.

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