Meet Our Executive Director

Victor Rivera is the Executive Director at Loaves and Fishes of Rio Grande Valley, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Harlingen and Raymondville, TX.  Victor was born in California but lived most of his life in Texas.  He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Brownsville, now named the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, where he received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. He also earned a Master of Science in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University of Utah.  Victor is also a family man with two children, Victoria and Lucas, and his wife, Miriam, who is an educator.

Victor launched his career in Brownsville, where he began his specialization in coordinating educational initiatives that served the community at large.  This led to a 19-year service with Brownsville Literacy Center, a time-honored non-profit organization where he served as a volunteer teacher, mobile lab mentor, education coordinator, and executive director. Victor also helped extend services to provide street outreach to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness – providing a firm foundation for the executive director role of Loaves & Fishes.

In 2018, Victor attained the education coordinator role at United Way of Southern Cameron County, where he gained community planning and strategy development experience.  He also developed and managed resources to support work and create a sustainable base for long-term strategy implementation.  His expertise in collecting, compiling and analyzing data to benchmark progress and define direction prepared him for his new role at Loaves and Fishes of the RGV.

Fast forward 2 years:

In a remarkable turn of events, Victor Rivera, Executive Director for Loaves & Fishes has been elected to the prestigious position of the 3rd seat on the Texas Homeless Network (THN) Board of Directors. With the current Continuum of Care (CoC) Board approving the slate of candidates for the upcoming election, Victor's term will commence in January 2024. This article delves into Victor's inspiring journey and highlights the significance of his new role in addressing homelessness in Texas.

A Passion for Change:

Victor's journey towards the THN Board of Directors began with a deep-rooted passion for making a positive impact on society. Witnessing the struggles faced by the homeless population in Texas, Victor felt compelled to take action and contribute to the cause. His unwavering dedication and commitment to helping those in need set him apart as a strong candidate for the board.

The Election Process:

The election process for the THN Board of Directors is a rigorous and competitive one. Candidates are carefully vetted, ensuring they possess the necessary skills, experience, and dedication to effectively address the challenges faced by the homeless community. Victor's selection as the 3rd seat reflects the confidence placed in his abilities to contribute meaningfully to the organization's mission.

The Role of the THN Board of Directors:

As a member of the THN Board of Directors, Victor will play a crucial role in shaping the organization's strategies and policies. The board's primary objective is to provide leadership and guidance in addressing homelessness in Texas. By collaborating with other board members, Victor will have the opportunity to influence decision-making processes, advocate for change, and drive initiatives that positively impact the lives of homeless individuals and families.

Collaboration and Advocacy:

One of the key strengths of the THN Board of Directors is its ability to collaborate with various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community leaders. Victor's position on the board will enable him to foster partnerships, build alliances, and advocate for increased resources and support for homeless individuals. By working collectively, the board can amplify its impact and drive systemic change.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Victor's appointment to the THN Board of Directors comes at a critical juncture. The ongoing homelessness crisis in Texas demands innovative solutions and a comprehensive approach. Victor's unique perspective and fresh ideas will contribute to the board's ability to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the homeless community. By seizing opportunities for collaboration and leveraging his expertise, Victor can help drive meaningful change and improve the lives of countless individuals.

Victor's election to the 3rd seat on the THN Board of Directors is a testament to his unwavering commitment to addressing homelessness in Texas. As he prepares to assume his role in January 2024, Victor's passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of homeless individuals and families. With his appointment, the THN Board of Directors gains a valuable asset, poised to drive positive change and work towards a future where homelessness is eradicated in Texas.

Director's Message:

My goal is to use my values of hard work and dedication to guide me on my path to serve Loaves and Fishes’ mission. My inspiration is the satisfaction of positive and collective impact in helping others through the contribution of support resources for those in the community who need them the most.

With the support of the community and the tireless team at Loaves and Fishes, I would like for Loaves and Fishes to continue reaching new heights by bringing to fruition, mobile loaves and fishes where it can reach more of the underserved population and provide them those much-needed meals.  I would very much like to work with the homeless population and offer micro-entrepreneurship opportunities to help kick start their own business.

In the words of Gordon B. Hinckley, “being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.”