Community involvement is at the core of our success.

As an organization, we welcome individuals and groups to volunteer. Many local retail businesses, schools, and church groups have all taken part in assisting our clients. Volunteer opportunities are available all week.

Registering to volunteer is a fairly simple process. A completed Volunteer/Community Service Application along with a signed Community Service Policy Agreement are needed to begin volunteering today. Scheduling or requesting days for your group or organization can be done by contacting us at (956) 423-1014.

“Helping others in need” and “giving back to the community” are common themes at Loaves and Fishes. You can volunteer in many different ways in our organization. In our Bread of Life Dining Hall, you will be preparing and serving food along with other kitchen duties. In The Harvest Table Food Pantry, you will be sorting, organizing and distributing canned food items in food bags. If assigned to office duties, you will be responsible for filing, copying or answering phones.