Our story is one of bringing help and hope to the community.

In 1991, we recognized a need for assistance to indigent families in Harlingen and the Upper Cameron County Area. Because of this, Loaves and Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley was formed. At first, we only operated a food kitchen for indigent families – the Bread of Life Dining Hall. Several years later, services were expanded to include job search assistance and education – the New Hope Job Shop. Family Emergency Assistance including the men’s shelter and the women’s shelters were later added to serve the community – the Open Arms Homeless Shelter.

Mosaic found in Church of the Multiplication in Israel. There is a replica in the chapel at Loaves & Fishes.

At this point, we have rapidly expanded our services to include a Community Health Nurse and Mental Health Counselors as part of the Great Physician Healthy Living. We have also expanded our operations to Raymondville and the Willacy County Area.

Our Mission

The Loaves and Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley Corporation shall be a cooperative corporation of those congregations and local denominational bodies (e.g. District, Association, Diocese, Region, Presbytery, Conference, Convention, etc.) which choose to participate. Loaves and Fishes’ primary mission is to function as the “mission arm” of the member congregations in the Upper Cameron and Willacy County areas. Loaves and Fishes of the RGV Valley, Inc., offers food, shelter, job training and placement and provides monetary and non-monetary aid to those experiencing a life altering event that takes away their ability to afford the necessities of life.

From our beginnings as a food kitchen to establishing a full-service office in 2 counties...

Even though we have grown, our beliefs and goals have stayed the same. Providing each individual and family with the assistance, the tools, and the preparation to grow and develop; eventually becoming a positive contributor to society.