Questions and Answers about the Migrant Influx

Q. Why is Loaves & Fishes hosting migrants?

A. The City of Harlingen contacted us to house migrants released into our community for public safety reasons. (And, of course, it is the right thing to do.)

Q. How long do they stay at Loaves & Fishes?

A. Most stay only one night.

Q. Where do they go?

A. Everywhere. Miami to Seattle, Los Angeles to New York. Many go to the Charlotte, North Carolina and the Washington, D.C. areas.

Q. Does Loaves & Fishes buy their bus or plane tickets?

A. No. Family members and friends buy their tickets.

Q. Are any of them criminals?

A. All the people who have come to Loaves & Fishes are parents with small children, with a few teenagers. They have been vetted by Border Patrol.

Q. Does the government pay you to help these people?

A. No. There have been many generous private donations.

Q. Do you have enough resources?

A. So far, yes. We always need new underwear in all children and adult sizes, both male and female. We sometimes do not have enough men’s clothing.

Q. How is the staff coping?

A. Everyone is putting in a lot of hours. We try to spread the work out as best we can. The community can be proud of the staff.

Q. Do you need help?

A. Yes. Volunteers for the clothes pantry.

Q. How many migrants have you served.

A. As of May 31, more than 1,300 souls.