Migrant services at Loaves & Fishes

More than 1,500 migrants have been released into the Harlingen community by Customs and Border Protection since March 28, 2019. Loaves & Fishes works closely with CBP and the Harlingen Police Department to ensure that no one is left wandering the streets in Harlingen.

Border Patrol drops off migrants every day, including Saturday and Sunday, at the Harlingen bus station during the day and at Loaves & Fishes during the evening. Shelter at our facility is provided to everyone who must spend the night in Harlingen.

Loaves & Fishes’ staff has worked tirelessly to provide services to these individuals. Because of the large numbers it has been necessary to reassign some staff members. Gracie Gutierrez, one of our shelter attendants and outreach workers, is now the Coordinator of Migrant Services. Frances Garcia, an outreach worker, replaces her as shelter attendant. Estela Cavazos has been hired to assist Miss Gutierrez with migrant services.

We are determined to provide Help & Hope to everyone in need in Harlingen, no matter the circumstances of their need.