Help & Hope for the Hungry, the Homeless & the Hurting

Loaves & Fishes is one of those few organizations that cut across every ethnic, cultural and socio-economic barrier. Hunger and Homelessness is not race or class specific. Most Americans are about one paycheck or serious illness away from the reality most of our clients face every day.

We have a rare partnership at Loaves & Fishes. Churches of every and no denomination cooperate in our work to help the vulnerable in our community. Winter Texans and local residents volunteer in our kitchen to serve meals “No Questions Asked” to anyone who asks for a plate of food. Businesses and government support our efforts to stabilize the lives of those who are in trouble. We accomplish our mission through The Bread of Life Dining Hall, the Open Arms Homeless Shelter, the New Hope Job Shop, Great Physician Healthy Living and our Family Emergency Assistance program.

2018 Stats

  • 139,927,581 Meals Served
  • 10,414 Total services provided in the Job Shop
  • 6,134 Bed nights in the shelter
  • 1,284 Assistance provided through Family Emergency Assistance
  • 22,386 Volunteer hours donated
  • 6,275 Healthy Living Events and Community Health Nurse Visits