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Loaves & Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley

Help & Hope for the Hungry,

the Homeless & the Hurting

514 South E Street

Harlingen, TX 78550


Phone: 956-423-1014

Fax: 956-423-3051

Email: office@lfrgv.org

When I was hungry . . .

You did it for me.

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Cameron County Homeless Partnership


We can’t do this on our own. The problems of hunger and homelessness are widespread and systemic. No one organization can solve the problem.


The Cameron County Homeless Partnership is our local coalition addressing homelessness throughout our county.


City governments, school districts and non-profits all work together in this coalition to address homelessness throughout Cameron County.


The Partnership has instituted something call “Coordinated Entry.” This means that there is a seamless coordination between all agencies in services to clients experiencing homelessness.


For example, if Loaves & Fishes does the intake for a client that individual is automatically entered into the database that all our agencies use. We can pick from the services offered by all agencies without having to re-register the client at every agency.


By removing hurdles for clients we can more efficiently get them back into housing.


Help & Hope to

the Hungry,

the Homeless &

the Hurting