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Loaves & Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley

Help & Hope for the Hungry,

the Homeless & the Hurting

514 South E Street

Harlingen, TX 78550


Phone: 956-423-1014

Fax: 956-423-3051

Email: office@lfrgv.org

When I was hungry . . .

You did it for me.

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A day for turkey, football, parades, family, tradition.


Thanksgiving is a national holiday, secular in origin, but one people of faith wholly embrace.


Someone once said, “In most of mankind gratitude is merely a secret hope for greater favors.”


This is probably true in many circumstances.


But I know that Thanksgiving means so much more to so many people. They turn  out in droves here at Loaves & Fishes. Churches dedicate their Thanksgiving Day offerings to the Bread of Life Dining Hall. More people than I can count bring by turkeys for needy families. Volunteers crowd into the dining hall to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner. Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops hold food drives for the food pantry.


And I know why they do it—they are grateful to God for the many blessings to have come their way, and they want those who may be in want to know that God will bless them too. They turn their gratitude into service, bringing. . .



Help & Hope to

the Hungry,

the Homeless &

the Hurting

Thanksgiving time

in the

Bread of Life

Dining Hall