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Loaves & Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley

Help & Hope for the Hungry,

the Homeless & the Hurting

514 South E Street

Harlingen, TX 78550


Phone: 956-423-1014

Fax: 956-423-3051

Email: office@lfrgv.org

When I was hungry . . .

You did it for me.

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We have a lot of really good people in our community.


Our churches are led by many committed young pastors who work hard to serve their flocks by providing spiritual guidance and leadership.


We have many non-profit organizations staffed by passionate people who make a difference in the lives of young people, needy individuals, and people in crisis.


Our most important institutions, banks and businesses, city governments and schools are involved in our community, building capacity and resources for a better future for our citizens.


Many civic leaders work quietly and behind the scenes to support our efforts and the efforts of our colleagues in other non-profits to provide the resources necessary to alleviate suffering and inequality in the Harlingen and Raymondville areas.


None of these great citizens and leaders seeks recognition. They do what is right because it is right.


All this makes me proud to serve in this community.


Help & Hope for

the Hungry,

the Homeless &

the Hurting

Thank you, RGV Chapter of Texas School Nurse Organization, for your generous donation to Loaves & Fishes. Elaine McNeil is president.