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Loaves & Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley

Help & Hope for the Hungry,

the Homeless & the Hurting

514 South E Street

Harlingen, TX 78550


Phone: 956-423-1014

Fax: 956-423-3051

Email: office@lfrgv.org

When I was hungry . . .

You did it for me.

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Summer months are especially challenging for our homeless population.


The days are hot! And the nights arenít much better.


You might see more people hanging out at the library or in the mall. Understandably, people need to get out of the heat.


Our policy is to keep the doors open in the Bread of Life Dining Hall whenever there is extreme weather.


Generally, if the temperature is above 90 degrees and the heat index is around 100 degrees we will keep the dining hall open during the day.


We do the same thing for cold weather as well.


Our outreach workers are especially concerned with making sure that the homeless people they meet have hydration. They carry bottled water with them and distribute the water to anyone they see.


I encourage you, if possible, to offer water to anyone you might see on the streets. Tell them that the doors to the dining hall are open. Encourage them to seek shelter.


Help & Hope for

the Hungry,

the Homeless &

the Hurting

Thank you, Lee Guerra, from Modern Woodmen for remembering our homeless people.